Heron-vit Aquaretin Danikafarm-GreenSet, 90 tablets

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Heron-vit Aquaretin improves the functioning of the urinary system and kidneys. This drug helps to normalize metabolic processes, blood pressure, eliminate excess fluid in case of edema, corrects salt metabolism, improves kidney function, and prevents the formation of stones. Heron-vit Aquaretin is also used in the complex treatment of prostate adenoma.

- inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract (pyelonephritis, nephritis, cystitis, urethritis);
- kidney stone disease (oxalates, urates, phosphates);
- edema of any origin;
- prostatitis, including age-related disorders;
- gout, arthrosis.

Content: birch leaf, raspberry, motherboard, orthosiphon grass, cornflower flowers, lingonberry leaf, field horsetail herb, juniper cones 90%, lactose 10%.

Dosage: 2 tablets 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Treatment-and-prophylactic course 8-12 weeks, if necessary, repeat after 2-3 weeks.

Original name: Heron-vit Aquaretin, 90 tablets Danikafarm-Greenset.

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