Oral care

Arimedadi tail, 200 ml
Arimedadi tail - therapeutic oil that is used for the prevention and treatment of most diseases of t..
200 грн.
Dental cream Dant Kanti Junior, 100 grams
Dental cream Dant Kanti Junior cares for and protects teeth and mouth of your children. Herbal ingre..
75 грн.
Kanth sudha, 30 tablets - 3 gram
Kanth sudha is a great antiseptic and refreshing medicine for mouth. Due to its herbal content, Kant..
40 грн.
Kanthasudharak bati, 6 gr
Kanth Sudharak Bati is a classic formula used as an antiseptic and mouth freshener. Plant extracts, ..
50 грн.
Oral gel Dant Kanti, 100 grams
Oral gel Dant Kanti contains an increased number of plant extracts for maximum effective care of t..
75 грн.
Tongue cleaner copper
Tongue cleaner copperOriginal name: Tongue cleaner copper.In our store You can buy authentic Asiacit..
30 грн.
Tongue cleaner steel
Original name: Tongue cleaner steel.In our store You can buy authentic Asinocotto steel at the best ..
25 грн.
Toothgel Red, 80 grams
Content: Toothgel Dabur Red is a unique blend of traditional Indian Medicine and modern pharmace..
75 грн.
Toothpaste Basil, 100 grams
Ayurvedic toothpaste with Basil prevents destruction of tooth enamel, strengthens the gums, removes ..
45 грн.
Toothpaste Clove, 100 grams
Toothpaste Clove eliminates bad breath, helps to get rid of a toothache, strengthens teeth and gums...
45 грн.
Toothpaste Dant Kanti Advanced, 100 grams
Versatile Ayurvedic toothpaste Dant Kanti Advanced contains yourself 26 components, known for its ..
120 грн.
Toothpaste Dant Kanti Red, 100 grams
Dant Kanti Red - universal Ayurvedic toothpaste for comprehensive care of the oral cavity. This ..
75 грн.
Toothpaste Dant Kanti, 100 grams
Toothpaste Dant Kanti contains 13 ingredients, known for their healing effect on the teeth and ora..
65 грн.
Toothpaste for smokers, 150 grams
Toothpaste for smokers removes tea, coffee, tobacco, plaque and stains, making teeth whiter and br..
80 грн.
Toothpaste K.P. Namboodiri's, 100 grams
Ayurvedic toothpaste with Nambudiri has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial..
85 грн.
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