Dashamula churna Shivananda, 100 grams

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Dashamula churna has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. This medicine is indicated in all types of pain, inflammation of joints, gout. In addition, Dashamula known for its effectiveness in the treatment of various diseases of the respiratory system. Also, this medicine has a beneficial effect on the heart and nervous system. Dashamula also is a General tonic for the body.

Indications: inflammation, arthritis, gout, all kinds of pain, diseases, including chronic respiratory, General tonic for the body.

Content: Bilva fruit, Agnimantha root, Shyonaka root Patala, Kashmari root, Bruhati, Kantakari, Shalaparni, Prushniparni, Gokshura fruit each 10%.

Dosage: 1 tea spoon twice a day or 2 tea spoonful brew in 200ml of water. Then filter, cool and drink twice a day. Or as advised by ayurvedic doctor.

Original name: Dashamula churna, 100 grams Shivananda.

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