Bilva tail Baidyanath, 25 ml

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Bilva tail - drop used to treat inflammatory processes in the ears and when hearing impairment.

Indications: otitis, tympanic, deafness, tinnitus, age-related hearing loss.

Content: Bilva, Peshika, Majth, Amla, Cuminum, Cyperus, Nagkeshar, Netrabala, Ajaksheera, Brassica Juncea, Gomutra.

Method of application: the Procedure is recommended before bedtime. Lie on side, drip into the ear of half a pipette of warm oil soak for several minutes in the same position to keep the oil inside the ear, then plug ear with a cotton swab and repeat the procedure with the second ear (if necessary). Go to sleep with cotton balls in my ears.

To avoid drafts, hypothermia, dry food.

Original name: Bilva tail, 25 ml Baidyanath.

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