Cerebrofit - Glycine Danikafarm-GreenSet, 90 tablets

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Cerebrofit - Glycine is used for the elimination of the causes causing disturbances of cerebral circulation. This medicine is a great way rehabilitation and prevention of pathological changes the vessels of the brain, reduces the risk of blood clots, a positive effect on normalization of blood pressure stabilizes cholesterol, blood lipid composition.

The components included in the the composition of Cerebrofit - Glycine, contribute to capacity building brain improve its activity, cell nutrition, promote adaptation to mental nagruzkam, stimulate intellectual and mental abilities.


- violations of cerebral circulation, including ischemic stroke;
- neurotic state; functional disorders of the Central nervous system with the emotional instability;
- disorders of cognitive functions (learning, memory, thinking);
- increased mental load (pupils, students, creative professionals, knowledge workers, managers, etc.);
- as a means of improving the metabolism in the tissues of the brain;
- old age (with a decrease in attention, memory impairment, sleep disorders);
- neurosensory disorders (dizziness, noise in ears, hearing loss).

Ingredients: glycine/lecithin, Arnica flowers, grass succession, a sheet of periwinkle, grass meadowsweet, calendula flowers, fruits/buds of Sophora, Valerian root, grass, yarrow, St. John's wort; an extract of Gotu Kola 99.9%, lactose 0.1 percent.

Dosage/Application: 2 tablets 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Treatment-and-prophylactic course of 8-12 weeks, repeat if necessary 2-3 weeks.

Original name: Cerebrofit - Glycine, 90 tablets Danikafarm-Greenset.

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