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Mednasak vati, 40 grams ~ 100 tablets
Mednasak vati or Godhan vati is a highly effective medicine for the treatment of liver diseases. It..
480 грн.
Aamvatari Ras, 40 tablets
Aamvatari Ras used to treat arthritis and gout. This medicine reduces inflammation, relieves joint p..
70 грн.
Abana, 60 tablets
Abana is a complex medicine that uses ass a common cardiac tonic and cardioprotector. Abana regulate..
135 грн.
Abha Guggul, 60 tablets
Abha Guggul - medicine for the treatment of fractures, brittle bones, osteoporosis. This medication ..
125 грн.
Acerola, 90 tablets
Acerola shown to support immunity, frequent colds, vitamin deficiency, chronic fatigue and diseases ..
135 грн.
Acidact, 100 tablets
Sale - expiry date 02/2020. Acidact – effective medicine for the treatment of gastritis and peptic ..
330 грн. 230 грн.
Acidact, 2x10 tablets
Sale - shelf life 02/2020. Acidact – effective medicine for the treatment of gastritis and peptic u..
65 грн. 45 грн.
Adapto-Ton, 90 tablets
Adapto-Ton - balanced mix of classic natural adaptogens can strengthen the body, increase vitality, ..
110 грн.
Agastya Rasayana, 200 grams
Agastya Rasayana is a highly effective tonic for the organs of the respiratory system. It is used to..
180 грн.
Agnikumararasam gulika, 100 tablets
Agnikumararasam gulika improves the work of digestive system. This medicine removes the lethargy of ..
140 грн.
Agnitundi bati, 80 tablets
Agnitundi bati is used for treatment of digestive disorders. This product is used during nesvarenie,..
120 грн.
Ajaswagandhadi leham, 500 grams
Ajaswagandhadi leham (Ajamamsa rasayana) is very famous medicine of Kerala school of Ayurveda. The m..
420 грн.
Aktofood-Celandine, 90 tablets
Aktofood-Celandine has a wide range of useful properties. This medicine is used to treat skin diseas..
50 грн.
Alfalfa, 90 tablets
Alfalfa has a very broad spectrum of useful properties. This drug is an immunomodulator, lowers ch..
50 грн.
Aloe vera extract, 60 caps
Aloe Vera is one of the most powerful natural tonics for the body, which activates and regenerates..
145 грн.
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